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Dry Cleaning Services

Callander cleaners offers professional dry cleaning services throughout the Columbus area. It’s time you entrust your valuable garments to us. When you consider the value and importance of your dry clean only clothes, it only make sense.


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Dry Cleaning Services in Columbus OH
Professional Laundry Services in Columbus, OH

Professional Laundry Services

Don’t have the time to keep up with your laundry or would you like your clothes professionally pressed? We deploy high-end commercial washing machines and can have your clothes cleaned and pressed if needed in no time. Use your time doing the things you enjoy instead of spending time in the laundry room washing and folding clothes. We offer same-day drop-off service as well as convenient pick-up and delivery services.


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Specialty Cleaning Services

Do you have delicate items that require a special touch? We can clean specialty items such as wedding dresses, sequined dresses, leather jackets and clothes, and more. We can also clean your Ugg® boots and favorite purses.


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Specialty Cleaning Services in Columbus, OH
Garment Storage in Columbus OH

Garment Storage

Callander Cleaners offers temperature-controlled storage for your delicate or temperature-sensitive clothes. Protect your valuables with our advanced storage facilities.

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