Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Callander Cleaners offers convenient pick-up and delivery services.

Do you have a need for cleaning services but not the time or resources to drive your laundry to one of our drop-off centers? No problem. We’ll have your clothing professionally laundered and returned to your address.

We offer a convenient three day turn-around. Our trucks pick-up and deliver on Mondays and Thursdays. It just takes a phone call to schedule a pick-up and you’re good to go. No more running across town at inconvenient hours to drop off and pick up your laundry.

Contact us today to set up an account. Call us at (614) 235-8639 and we’ll call you back.

    Callander Cleaners Pick-Up and Delivery Services in Columbus, OH
    Callandar Cleaners has laundry and dry-cleaning services that fit your lifestyle